It’s the river of goodness that, once you have dipped your toes into it, you dream of spending your days bathing in it.

But, as wonderful as it is, it can be similar to fog. One minute there, the next minute — gone.

And so, the quest begins of how to stay in the flow of momentum.

As I work with writers, podcasters, course creators, and coaches, this conversation is one we often dive into. The flow of momentum is highly coveted. It’s the destination that is always calling us forward.

So how do we stay in the flow?

Your published book deserves to be successful.

One of the saddest things I see as a book coach and publisher is when a book is written and then forgotten.

I see books as beings.

Yes, like actually beings.

When a book shows up to me, whether it is for me to write, or it shows up for a client in a coaching session, I can feel the book’s essence. It has a presence. It has life.

The books don’t come to be written and then tucked away in a closet. No, books come to bless the world with their light.

I believe that writing your book will change your life.

But not in the way you think.

Many people will tell you that writing a book will change your life. They will tell you that it will elevate your business or that it will make you a thought leader. They might even tell you about the millions of lives you’ll impact with your book.

And, while all of this is true, it is not what I am talking about.

I’m talking about a full liberation that will occur in your life when you write your book.

I’m talking about the discovery of energetic pathways that will lead you to new spaces of joy and freedom when you write your book.

I believe that when you finally say yes to the book within you — your life will change.

Many of the women I coach find that they feel caged when they say…

Most people believe that writing a book is hard. Even more people believe that it takes years to write one.

But the truth is — you can easily write a book in only 2 months.

I know it sounds crazy.

It might even seem impossible! But there is a powerful distinction that can change this idea from dreamland into reality.

Before I share the idea that has helped me write 2 books while raising 5 children and running a 6-figure business, I want to share one of my deepest beliefs with you.


That nudge in your soul qualifies you to…

Image: Casey Horner

It is the Age of the Prophetess.

From the beginning of time, God has spoken to man through the written word. The Bible, the Quran, the Book of Mormon, and the Tao Te Ching are just a few examples.

This is how God has spoken to humans in the past. It has been the source and history of all of man’s dealings with God.

But a shift has recently occurred.

It is one that I have both seen and felt personally.

It is a new age — a time like never before. An opening has been made and a space…

It has been 14 days.

14 days of the world being in massive upheaval and panic.

The Coronavirus has taken ahold of this world.

Whether you believe this virus is real or not, the fear pandemic has occurred, and it is impacting every aspect of human life on every continent and country.

Some states are going into full lockdown. The Vegas strip is silent. The parks are empty. The dentists have closed their doors, and jobs that once felt stable, have now been rocked.

The store shelves are bare.

Parking lots are now becoming ghost towns as each business is…

How often have you found yourself waiting? Waiting for the light to turn green at the intersection, waiting for the grocery line to move faster, or waiting to pick up your children at school? All of these places that we find ourselves in the “waiting” can add tension and frustration. But, how about those times when you are waiting for a dream to happen? Have you been there before? You know — the space between the prayers and the answers. I like to call this, the holding place. …

I used to believe that God was only in the good. I used to believe that I would know God when I was worthy, and righteous. (Whatever righteous even means.)

I used to believe that it was when I got “there” that I would finally meet and know God. And yet, as much as I tried to live as perfect as I could, I didn’t feel any closer to God then I had the day before. Actually, it felt like I was swimming after a speed boat. No matter how fast I swam, God got further away.

And then moments…

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

Hopelessness is equivalent to being stranded in a boat, in the middle of the ocean, without a destination.

Without the destination, there is no plan on how to find land. Instead, you are stuck in this sea of water. How long can you last before you run out of supplies?

How long will it be, before you end up dying in the middle of this ocean? There is no reason to paddle fast because you have no idea where you are going or if paddling fast is even worth it. This; this is hopelessness.

Photo by Kotagauni Srinivas on Unsplash

Life breaks sometimes.

Turns come that were not expected along the way.

Upset and pain are landmarks on most of the street corners on our paths. Despair, hopelessness and loneliness seem to lurk in the dark spaces of life.

Each one of us have struggles. Whether or not we share it outwardly; we all face our own battles. Some struggles are like paper cuts. They aren’t very deep, but they are a constant pain, always reminding us that they are there. While other struggles knock the breath right out of you and drop you to your knees.

For most of…

Keira Poulsen

Keira is a spiritual entrepreneurship coach, and the founder of Freedom House Publishing Co. She helps women write, publish and create successful businesses.

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